Competencias en idiomas en negociación colectiva: Inglés B1


Curso gratuito 100% financiado por el Ministerio de Trabajo.


180 h.



– Ser capaz de expresarse con relativa facilidad tanto en situaciones cotidianas como en situaciones menos cotidianas y que requieren de una mayor complejidad en la estructuración de mensajes.
– Realizar actividades prácticas expresión e interacción oral.
– Expresar con fluidez una descripción sencilla de una variedad de temas que sean de su interés, presentándolos como una secuencia lineal de elementos.



Unidad 1.
– Having an accident.
– A robbery.
– Can I help you?.

Unidad 2.
-At the police station.
-What does he look like?.
-Do you know him?.

Unidad 3.
-Tomorrow is my birthday.
-Introducing my family.
-What’s the matter?.

Unidad 4.
-The fifth annual race.
-How do I get there?.
-Turn left!.

Unidad 5.
-Looking after her dog.
-Don’t eat that!.
-That’s enough.
-A good ‘cuppa’ – Reading comprehension.

Unidad 6.
-What’s her flight number?.
-There’s plenty of work!.
-At the airport – Additional vocabulary.

Unidad 7.
-Animals – Specific vocabulary.
-Nature – Specific vocabulary.
-A scenic holiday – Reading comprehension.
-Checking in and out of a hotel – Typical situation.
-Being social – Dialogue.
-Las Vegas – Reading comprehension.


Unidad 1.
What a mess! There was a party.
There was an armchair.
Were you at work this morning?.
A flat to rent.

Unidad 2.
Clothes shopping.
The catalogue.
Last night.

Unidad 3.
How was your day?.
Better or worse.
What did you do last Saturday?.

Unidad 4.
Going back to England.
What is he doing?.
What’s the matter?.

Unidad 5.
The fortune teller.
He is going to work at home.
What are you doing nowadays?.
At work – Additional vocabulary.

Unidad 6.
Returning to work.
This outfit matches.
High days and holidays – Reading comprehension.
Holidays on-board – Additional vocabulary.

Unidad 7.
In a restaurant – Typical situation.
Chores and emotions – Dialogue.
Fast food – Reading.
Fast food – Dictation.


Unidad 1.
Rock band.
We’re going to perform at Glastonbury.
«Dark Night».

Unidad 2.
Camping in the countryside.
Cut that wire.
Camping rules.
Life outside – Additional vocabulary.

Unidad 3.
You are not invited to the party.
Why don’t you come in?.
I liked your new song.

Unidad 4.
Let me treat you to a drink.
Shouldn’t I?.
I feel ill.
Radio food programme – Listening comprehension.

Unidad 5.
I fancy going to the United States.
Your plans in life.
Let’s get a takeaway – Additional vocabulary.

Unidad 6.
Falling in love.
The bill is wrong.
African-American writers.
Advice column – Reading comprehension.

Unidad 7.
Food shopping – Typical situation.
Going out – Dialogue.
Potato salad – Reading comprehension.


Unidad 1.
Saying goodbye to the band.
We’ll keep in touch.
I’ll call you.
Virtual world – Additional vocabulary.

Unidad 2.
Getting married.
Who shall we invite?.
Go ahead.

Unidad 3.
What a marvellous surprise!.
What if…?.
Let’s be reasonable.
Agatha Christie – Reading comprehension.

Unidad 4.
I can offer you a job.
I owe you one.
I made biscuits.

Unidad 5.
A new barman.
Take it easy.
You will play again, won’t you?.
Being an artist – Additional vocabulary.

Unidad 6.
Dreaming of becoming famous.
I can’t get home.
Sports, customs and etiquette – Reading comprehension.

Unidad 7.
Returning your shoes – Typical situation.
Relationships – Dialogue.
The pros and cons of regularly watching television – Reading.
The pros and cons of regularly watching television – Dictation.

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